Welcome to Pre- K 3
December 10- December 14


Theme: Christmas Preparation


      Excitement fills the air as Pre-K 3 prepares for Christmas.  We are counting down the days!  We are busy little elves this week,  learning about reindeer, making ornaments to decorate our class tree, and making cards for our families.   We have been practicing daily with our friends in Pre-k 4 for our Christmas concert.    

     The Letter of the Week is I.  The students will begin to recognize both upper and lower case I and hear the sounds it can make in the beginning of words.  

     There are many special events happening during this month, please read the brown envelope weekly to stay in the know!




     This Week:


Monday   Christmas Bazaar

                    Kiddie Soccer


Tuesday:   Gym


Wednesday:   Christmas Boutique

                       Library and Spanish


Thursday:    Computers


Friday:  Mission Day.  $2 donation no uniform required




     Preschool begins 7:45 or 8:30.  If your child is arriving to school after 8:45, please use the main school entrance and sign in with the office.



Mark Your Calendars: 

Monday, December 10 the eighth grade students host a Christmas Bazaar in the gym for all students.  The bazaar consists of simple games for the students to play.  Each game costs 25 cents.  $5 covers the cost of all games.  Please send in money in an envelope for your child to participate.  We will be at the bazaar at 10:00- 10:30.  If your child does not attend school on Mondays and would like to participate in the bazaar, please bring him or her to our classroom at 9:45 and pick them up at the classroom at 10:35.


Wednesday, December 12 the HSA will host a Christmas Boutique in the Elizabeth Room.  This is a shopping experience for your child to purchase Christmas gifts for their loved ones.  We will be shopping at 8:40 and parents are invited to join us to assist their child while shopping.  If you are unable to attend, please send in money in an envelope indicating who your child is shopping for and the amount you would like him or her to spend.


 Wednesday, December 19 St. Elizabeth's Preschool classes will present a Christmas concert in the cafeteria beginning at 9:00.  Students arrive at school at their regular arrival time wearing their "Christmas Best".  Parents, grandparents, and siblings are invited to attend.  Please note:  All siblings must sit with their family.   The show is approximately 30 minutes long.  We are working very hard on learning our songs and the students are very excited to be up on the stage.  If your child does not attend school on Wednesday, please bring him or her to our classroom at 8:30 and they will be dismissed from the classroom following the performance.