Lunch Volunteers

Here is the link for Lunch Sign Up

Lunch Duty Sign Up 19-20


* Each family with students in grades K-8 is contractually obligated to complete 3 Lunch Duty days per child.  For example:  If you have a PK 4 student, and a 2nd grader you only need to do 3 lunch duty days.   If you have a 1st grader, 4th grader, and a 7th grader you would need to do 9 lunch duty days. 

* Lunch Duty involves volunteering from 11-1 on your assigned day.  There will be a head lunch parent or a No Fuss Lunch employee there everyday to advise you on the tasks that are needed.   Tasks will vary depending on which vendor is providing lunch on a given day. Typical things that need to be accomplished are:

1) Put the lunch boxes for students in the 1st lunch from the cart on their assigned tables.

2) Place the correct milk counts on the tables (amount of milk per grade is provided)

3) Set up the lunch cart for the PreK classrooms

4) Deliver the lunch cart to the PreK

5) Assist in the distribution of lunch (will vary depending on vendor day)

6) Stock the snack table

7) Put the Peanut Free and Peanut Friendly signs on appropriate tables, and placemats for our allergy students.

8) Sell the snacks

9) Clean the tables after 1st lunch and 2nd lunch

10) Provide supervision support to the faculty member on duty.

11) Pack up remaining snacks at the end of the 2nd lunch period and store them in the cafeteria.

12) Return the PreK lunch cart.

13) Please help those students who need help opening their drinks or containers.

*Families have until November 5th to sign up for their lunch duty requirements.  Meaning that if you are contracted to do 6 days, you must sign up for all six days by November 5th.

*If you sign up for a day and you can no longer meet your requirement you need to find a sub.   The best way to do this is to ask a friend, email your class, or post in SES Moms on Facebook. The HSA will not find you a sub.   If you are not able to find a sub or switch with another parent you will be fined $83, and this will be billed in FACTS.

* Our Lunch Program is a huge fundraiser for our school, and we rely on our parent community to support the program.   If you feel that you can not commit to volunteering for lunch duty, there is an Opt Out in place. You may opt out for $250 per student.  If you have 3 children in grades K-8, and would be able to work 3 lunch duty days, you can opt out for 2 of your children at $500 if you prefer. The deadline to opt out is September 15th.